Friday, March 20, 2015

Local Show

Thanks to Kay Westhues​ for inviting me to participate in an exhibit celebrating the city's sesquicentennial at the South Bend Museum of Art. My photos are on the wall to the left of Larry Piser's furniture, toward the corner. The show opens Saturday, March 21 and the artists' reception will be Friday, May 1 from 5-9.

I'm honored to be part of this show, which is called South Bend Selfie and is meant to represent the current status of the local art scene. The selection process is described on the museum's web site:

The South Bend Museum of Art selected 5 individuals who are influential within the arts community. They each selected 2 artists who they feel are making important work, and/or deserve a chance to shine. Those artists selected an additional 2 artists each. In the end, artwork by 30 artists is featured in the exhibition. The branching nature of the selection process sheds light on influences, friendships, and other complexities that help create the rich and varied arts culture of South Bend.

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